About My Crazy Diabetic Life

I come from a family of diabetics, on my father’s side of the family. My father is diabetic, my aunt and uncle (his brother and sister) and my father’s cousin are all diagnosed T2 diabetics. My cousin, the daughter of my father’s cousin, is pre-diabetic if not full blown T2 and probably other cousins are diabetic as well by now.

Here’s the thing about my father’s side of the family and diabetes. Everyone is diagnosed at around 30 regardless of environment, lifestyle, diet or activity. I thought I had dodged the diabetes bullet when I turned 40, on 10 December 2019. I would be wrong.

My name is Petra Ann and I was diagnosed with diabetes 1 month and 4 days after my 40th birthday. They said 40 is the new 20. Well, I don’t know about you but whomever said that can go jump right off a bridge.

I Don’t Know What Tribe I Belong To

Well, back on the 14th of January 2019 (well, really the 7th when I went blind I knew for sure my fate) I was diagnosed with diabetes because I had a blood glucose (bg) level of 18.9 mmol/L (about 340ish mg/dL). At this point, 5 months later, there is no doubt in my mind I’m diabetic. I can eat a pizza, have my bg go up to 16 and it will stay there for the next 6-8 hours.

What I’m currently unsure of is what type of diabetes I have, what tribe I belong to.

You see, it turns out I’ve never really been “fat”. I have an abnormal adipose tissue condition called Lipedema that pretty much renders most of the fat on my body dead. Because I had been eating keto for almost 9 years, on a restricted caloric diet and because I exercised my ass off, it turns out I don’t have much regular fat on my body. Right now I could go on a pretty stiff 30% caloric deficit and in 3 months only lose 30g of fat.

That’s right. A whole whopping 30g. So while my BMI is technically 39.7, once I have loose skin taken off I’ll end up with a BMI of about 28 which puts me as overweight. You can read more about what lipedema is and that misadventure over at my other blog, What is Lipedema?

So, I have dead fat on my body that doesn’t contribute to things like type 2 diabetes, I went DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) which is pretty rare for a real T2, lost 11kg of body weight which is the opposite problem that most T2s face, T2 meds make me pretty ill and do nothing to lower my blood sugar and the pinnacle of T2 diets, keto, did nothing to lower my blood sugar. In fact, it raised it. Oh and cardio which should lower a T2’s blood sugar also raised it (which it’ll do if there’s a lack of insulin).

Doesn’t exactly sound like a T2 does it?

T1 Tests Are Negative

I found out that adults can develop type 1 diabetes. This pretty much goes against every truth I grew up with about diabetes. Kids get T1 and old, fat adults who don’t take care of themselves get T2.

Surprise! Not exactly true! In 1993 the concept of adult