Got Half Way and Got Into Trouble

I thought I might know how to hack my diabetes so I could get on that 36km ride around the Oosstvaardersplassen. Well, the good news is I managed to get to the half way point before burning out, the bad news is I only got 3 quarters of the way around before I had to send my husband for the car and bike rack.

The green is my normal 36k route

I took 8 units of my basal in the morning (normally 10 on days I don’t work out) and made sure that the last thing I bolused for was at lunch. The fast acting insulin should have been out of my system before taking off around 17:45 and the long lasting insulin should be dwindling.

I ate 3 mini snickers and drank a mini coke and when I felt the sugar high headache coming on we went. I figured that if I didn’t wait to get to the highest point, maybe I wouldn’t burn off the sugar too quickly.

I managed to get to the half way point, about here the red Oostvaardersplassen pointer is up on the map before Xdrip started sounding like a barn yard with the rooster crowing. Drank about 150ml of apple juice, had a dextrose tab, 2 mini snickers and a mini kitkat. After about 25 minutes I was back up into the 6’s and climbing. Great, on the way we went.

Got over to the other side, about 3/4 of the way around and the rooster is freaking crowing again. I check and I’m at 4. FUCK. Shove more dextrose down my throat and wait.

And wait. And get eaten by mosquitos. And wait some more. Finally the arrow starts pointing straight up and my husband and I start walking slowly so we can progress towards home without burning through the sugar too quickly.

Get back up and hop on the bike and go slowly.

The rooster crows again. FUCK FUCK FUCK. And that’s when I had to send the poor, suffering husband on a spring home to go get the car and bike rack to come and pick my sorry behind up.

I did manage to make it to the 8km from home point before he showed up but I’ll say this once again with loads of heart….. FUCK.

So much for my carefully crafted plan.

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  1. 2019-05-23

    […] can tell you one thing, after my cycling misadventure yesterday evening, I’m toast. I burnt roughly 1,000 calories on top of having about 1,000 […]

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