1 June Daily Drudge Report

The last few days have been a challenge, to say the least. My insulin sensitivity has gone through the roof with the increasing heat. Where I was taking 3-8u of Novorapid on average with meals (9-24u per day) I’m maybe taking 4-8 units right now.

I dialed down my basal insulin big time. I had been taking 26u at night and about 10 in the morning. I haven’t taken any in the morning for almost a week now and had dialed down to 20 units but now I’m waking up with my bg too high and feeling like crap.

I really don’t know what to do with injections right now. My diabetic nurse is useless and I don’t even have a direct line of communication with the internist. Not that she’ll offer anything useful except wanting to pull me off insulin.

The second opinion can NOT come fast enough and neither can an insulin pump.

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