23 May Daily Drudge Report

I can tell you one thing, after my cycling misadventure yesterday evening, I’m toast. I burnt roughly 1,000 calories on top of having about 1,000 calories left in my daily budget and only went through maybe 500 in candy, coke, apple juice and dextrose.

The fighting the low blood sugar on top of the exercise and a late night (didn’t get back home till about 21:30 and didn’t even finish dinner until about 22:30) combined with having to get up to go to my client’s office at 6:30 means I’ve been a slug all day.

Blood sugar wise, everything has been fine today. No real lows (ok, dropped around 4.6 for awhile but a jelly bean or two too care of it) and no hypers so life is good there.

So nothing exciting to report. To be honest, I’m starting to think that nothing to report means a pretty good day.

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