24 May Daily Drudge Report

Ok, so in all fairness I am writing this on the 25th. However, yesterday was total and complete blood glucose insanity.

I got up and my bg was in the mid 6’s. Perfect, expected, fantastic. Do my morning routine, make coffee, inject myself with about 3 units of Novorapid to cover the rise from the first cup of the day and go do some work.

At 10:00 I hop in the car for my MLD (manual lymph drainage) massage on my legs, get that done, go to the grocery store to get some meat to go with the metric ton of vegetables I had left over from dinner and then get back home. Oh, my bg is dropping… ok, fine, time to eat.

Lunch was about 43g of net carbs so I bolused 10 units of Novorapid to cover. In hindsight, it was probably too much. However, if you’re diabetic on insulin you know the situation can change moment by moment. What worked yesterday, last week or even last month could change in the next minute.

Alright, fine. I ate my lunch, finished off with some oreos and also had to have some starbursts, giant smarties (well, Fizzers as they’re called in the UK), and I finally got tired of it all and ate a few dextrose tabs.

You can see in the graph I kind of sort of got it up for a little while but then it dropped.

Husband and I decided to go out to dinner at a roadside diner that has walking paths all around it. I’d been sitting around the low 4’s for awhile so we decided to get some bread and garlic butter to start off. 3 slices of bread with butter that I didn’t bolus for. While waiting for my fish and chips, my bg did hit 5.

When the main course came out, I did bolus for about 80g of carbs. The breading on the fish was pretty thin and it was maybe 150g of fries and the tartar was pretty sweet. By this time I had expected my bg to start gong up from the bread.


So then we decided to get their dessert special which was lemon meringue cake. OH MY GOD… WORTH IT. Though since my bg wasn’t raising at all I decided not to bolus for the cake (it was a sugar bomb) and correct afterwards instead. Just in case the 14u at dinner had been overkill.

Starting the walk at around 5 mmol/L and ended at 4 mmol/L. Really freaking weird. But then on the drive home the spike started. By about 22:30 I’d hit 9 and went ahead and corrected. Then my hyper alarm woke me up around 1am at 10. Another correction incoming.

I did end up going low, but not anything that normally bothers me, around 5am and then woke up in range and it’s done.

I have absolutely no idea what went on. I have no idea why I got postprandials that were that delayed because the food wasn’t super fatty. I’d have expected this off of pizza, not fish, fries, bread and a pure sugar bomb of a dessert.

I’ll just chalk it up to more diabetic weirdness and the daily drudge.

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