28 May Daily Drudge Report

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve reported anything. Life and all that jazz got in the way.

Still Busy with Lows While Cycling

Sidelined at 3 mmol/L on the way back from the hairdresser Saturday May 25th

Saturday I had to go and get my roots colored and my hair cut in the city center. Normally I’d just drive but there was some sort of event going on with the local emergency services so busy was an understatement. I decided since it’s only 8km, I could ride my bike.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. I think at this point into my diagnosis, the last remaining shreds of sanity are being thrown right out the window.

For lunch I went ahead and had a half of a subway sandwich (6 inch), a single serving size of potato chips and a chocolate chip cookie. I did not bolus for the meal, I wanted to send my blood sugar sky high so I could get to the hair dresser without falling out.

Did that happen? Nope. Managed to hit around 6 mmol/L before heading out, ended at 3.3 and walked into the shop eating starbursts. It did allow me to have a delicious cappuccino with sugar though.

On the way home, as I walked to where I parked my bike I was stuffing dextrose tablets down my throat. I managed to get up to about 7 and 2km from home I bottomed out at 3.3 again. So it was time to drink a 150ml can of coke, eat more dextrose and wait. It took a good 40 minutes to get it up to the 5’s so I could limp home.

The Dutch Sauna

What it looks like from above

Yesterday my husband and I spent the entire day at a newly built dutch sauna. It was his birthday and a day for relaxation.

So a little bit about a dutch sauna. These are complexes around the Netherlands (Germany and Belgium as well) that have several different types of sauna cabins with different themes and temperatures, steam rooms, cooling pools, whirl pools, soaking pools, etc. You can also get a massage or some sort of beauty treatment like a facial.

Here’s the key thing about dutch saunas though. Except for on certain days of the week or month, being naked is required. Of course you have a robe that you wear when walking around or are at a table eating. You also have a towel which you always sit on in a sauna cabin. Other than that, you’re as naked as the day you were born and it is GLORIOUS!

The swimming pool inside the complex

This is only my third time to the sauna as a newly diagnosed diabetic and the second time as a high tech diabetic (i.e. Freestyle Libre). So it was back to finger pricking to check blood sugar because it’s pretty bad form to whip out my phone with all the naked people around. It’s a pretty good way to get kicked out. Although I do carry my phone in my diabetes supplies bag and I totally go into the bathroom or in a deserted corner and check the pricks against the Diabetes:M app and Libre app. Discretion is the key to being a high tech diabetic at a sauna!

The day went pretty well, aside from being eaten absolutely alive by mosquitos. For the most part my blood sugar was low, probably from the warm day and the heat of all the saunas and steam rooms. That was nice because I could eat pretty much what I wanted at their indian themed buffet. They had some tandori spiced beef and chicken to die for as well as a sweet potato and pea curry.

Oh, and yea, I ripped those pictures off the internet because its kind of bad form to take pictures inside a sauna.

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