A1C Went from 12.6 to 6.1!

Had my 3 month appointment with the diabetic nurse this morning and I’m extremely happy to report my A1C which was originally 114 (12.6) dropped to 43 (6.1)!

I thought it would be around 6.5 or 6.6 so I couldn’t be happier. I’ve done a lot of work and suffered quite a bit to drop it down so I thought the diabetic nurse would be pleased.

Did I get a “great job?” or a “way to go?”. Nope, I got a “well, that’s low.”

Really? There are diabetic nurses and other doctors that would kill to have a patient so invested in her health. Instead, I get someone who couldn’t be supportive to save her own life.

At least she didn’t try to take me off insulin to “fit” the Type 2 diagnosis and she also didn’t shoot down my request to look into an insulin pump to increase quality of life (i.e. be able to cycle farther than 7 bloody kilometers from home).

Seriously though.. I just can’t in this country sometimes.

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