Approved for a Pump

That’s right ladies and gents, I’ve been approved for a pump even though I’m not really thrilled at the care I’ve been receiving at my current hospital.

My last appointment with the diabetic specialist I’m assigned, I expressed my desire for a pump due to the lows during exercise (and the highs over night with extreme lows if I try to cover the highs with basal). All the advice I’ve gotten from insulin dependent T1s and T2s that sport is I’d want to try out a pump.

So I asked for one. Since before this appointment my internist kind of made a big deal about how I wouldn’t get one because I was T2 and too controlled, I didn’t have high hopes.

Then 2 weeks ago I got a call saying I was approved!

What Does This Mean for the Second Opinion?

Unfortunately, I’ve had to put the second opinion about what type of diabetic I am on hold. The internist I was getting the second opinion from said it’s pretty hard for a T2 to get a pump at her hospital and if I was approved at my local hospital, go with it. It wasn’t forever and after I got it and am established, if I want to change carers I certainly could.

I really like the fact that she’s looking out for my best interest and is being honest with me. I also like that she’s treating me and not a diabetes type.

What’s the Process for Getting a Pump?

I already know what pump I want. It’s called a Kaleido and it’s very new on the market. So new, it’s only available in the Netherlands so far (it’s a dutch company so that makes sense, they’re going to market in the UK soon though). It’s considered a patch pump (sticks to the skin, not hooked on a belt or in a pocket) but unlike the only other patch pump on the market (the Omnipod), it still is attached to an infusion site by tubing. Though, very short tubing.

Next I need to have a visit with a pump specialist to learn about pump therapy, what I should expect, etc and so on.

Finally I’ll need to visit with a nutritionist to learn to count carbs. After 9 years on keto, I have a feeling I’ll be giving the nutritionist some tips. I don’t really think there’s much I’ll be able to learn, but insurance is paying and it’s required to get the pump so whatever.

Excitement Abound!

I’m pretty excited because I’m pretty much done with that 7km range I have cycling. I’m also kind of tired of the crazy lows I’ve been experiencing lately while actually lowering my basal insulin.

So as they say! Onwards and upwards!

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  1. 2019-10-13

    […] I was first approved for insulin pump therapy, I had talked about choosing the Kaleido. This is one out of only a handful that is approved and on […]

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