XDrip + Miaomiao

Do you have a MiaoMiao? Are you looking for an app to use with your MiaoMiao? Have you heard of XDrip but don’t see it on Google Play? Then look no farther, this little guide will help you out.

Getting the APK of XDrip

So, there’s a really handy thing that Android allows its users to do. We can download apps that don’t appear officially in the Google app store. Instead, we can go to a website and download the .apk file (that’s the android app file).

This is a double edged sword. By downloading an .apk onto your phone, you’re taking the risk that the app could be up to no good. XDrip is fine, but I just want to put the warning out that you shouldn’t go download and install every .apk you come across.

  1. Go to the security area of your phone and turn on “unknown sources”. This will allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  2. Install a file manager. I like the ES File Explorer which can be found on Google Play.
  3. Go to https://bit.ly/2weOmaF on your phone’s browser and select the most up to date build.
  4. Download the .apk file

5. Go to the file explorer app you just downloaded and you should be able to find the download file. Find the .apk in it.
6. Tap the .apk file and it’ll start installing.

I have XDrip on my phone, now what?

MiaoMiao has written an excellent guide with how to use XDrip step by step. I’m not going to recreate the wheel and instead link the guide here: https://miaomiao.cool/pages/how-to-use-miaomiao-with-xdrip

That’s it! Good luck! I hope you love it as much as I do!