Been Busy Surviving Life

When I started this blog, I really thought I could at least get out one small update about my blood sugar and struggles daily. Boy, was I wrong. Things have really gotten busy around here!

Been waiting for my insulin pump

So back at the end of June I was approved for an insulin pump, which ended up cutting the second opinion about my diagnosis right out of the picture. If we couldn’t come up with some antibodies for a T1 diagnosis, or a MODY diagnosis, it would have been near the end of the year before I could have gotten pump approval as a T2.

While I’m not crazy about the care at the current hospital, I do really like the pump specialist I’d been assigned. She’s vastly interested in my whole Freestyle Libre + MiaoMiao setup, excited about the Kaleido (new pump on the Euro market) and in trying to get me back to the gym in general.

Luckily, the wait is over and I got my pump on 30 July 2019. YAY! How does it look?

Sporting the silver pump (also have a black one)

Haven’t been to the Gym in a Month

The most I’ve done for some exercise this month is kayaking. My blood sugar has been crazy with the hot cold hot cold weather we’ve been experiencing in the Netherlands. As soon as I get my basal lowered to where the heat isn’t fucking with me, I sky rocket to the highest heights and feel like shit. So I up my basal and then if I think “exercise” I’m plummeting to the lowest valley.

I figured I’m approved for the pump, it’s only a short break, I’ll survive. I’ll tell you though, I miss the lifting and cycling! I really can’t wait to get back at it this coming week!

Project managing a site relaunch

Oh boy. For those of you out there that are developers, frontenders or the poor project managers, you know how a site launch or relaunch can get out of hand. I’ve officially reached that level of crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great way as a freelancer to make some extra summer cash. But holy shit this thing has taken over my life! I haven’t even played video games all month!

Not to mention the long hours and stress are also contributing to the blood sugar madness.

Industrial/Metal/Goth Festival in Cologne, DE

And of course in the middle of all this crazy is Amphi Festival 2019 in Germany. I’ll do a separate post on that, but as expected with all the dancing and walking, I was high one minute and low the next. I survived on chocolate milk and skittles but I saw whom I wanted to see and survived the weekend.

Looking Forward to the upcoming months

Really, I don’t think the upcoming months will be any better. As the dutch would say, druk, druk, druk (i.e. busy, busy, busy).

  • Last week of August my client’s new site launches
  • Fly to Prague for a weekend conference on Sept 12
  • Sept 17, 18, 19 have a conference in Amsterdam
  • Last weekend of Sept fly over to London for a Whiskey Festival
  • Flying to Orlando for Thanksgiving (Disney and Universal YAY)
  • First half of December I’m having skin removal surgery

Somewhere in there I need to create Youtube videos for my whiskey project, write blog posts for this site and manage two other projects I’m part owner of all while making sure my main client’s site is still on track and making money.

Then throw in concerts, exercise, diabetes appointments and other daily life things.

Just repeat after me… busy, busy, busy.

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