being sick as a diabetic

It’s October and here in the Netherlands flu season started even before flu shots are being offered. Unfortunately, I’ve been struck down as one of the unfortunate SOBs and been down and out the past week. It’s sucked big time.

I now understand why getting sick is a big deal

I’ve read people talking about their numbers doing all sorts of crazy things and having to take huge amounts of insulin. Of course since I’ve been issued insulin I’ve been plugging along at an average of 60ish units every 3 days if I’m eating at the lower end of low carb.

I really had no idea what was in store for me when I really got sick. Nope, no idea at all.

First day of being sick, I had to lower my basal down to .05 units which is as low as it would go. I can tell you when you have an upset stomach you really don’t feel like eating much to keep your glucose up. Especially when you’ve been throwing up. Somehow I managed to stay away from any hypos but I flirted with it by being around a steady 4 mmol/L.

Then after a day of being super low, my numbers shot up to the 15, 16 and 17 range and I found myself having to adjust my basal profile so I could have a basal of 4 and 5 units an hour. For the first time ever, I ran out of insulin in my 200u insulin cartridge.

Luckily, even with the puking and other flu bathroom joys, I didn’t have any ketones and wasn’t at risk for DKA. I also didn’t have to take any cold or flu meds, which contain sugar (my shopping list for my trip to Orlando next month includes sugar free meds because trying to get sugar free shit here is near impossible). I only needed something to help reduce gas and that had sucralose which doesn’t typically spike me.

Been down and out a week

Today is Sunday and I’ve been down and out since last Sunday. I’ve accomplished very little, not even getting Kaleido the pictures they requested from my Instagram account for their social media campaigns.

I am feeling loads better today so I’ll try to get those pictures mailed out, finish up my stupid US Tax bullshit forms and get some work done that’s been pushed to the side this week since I’ve spent more time in bed (there’s a black cat that was happy at least) than in front of my computer.

Needless to say, I will be getting my flu shot this year and hoping I can keep another round at bay.

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