Insulin Baseline after 2.5 Years of No Exercise

Before the pandemic, I easily exercised 4-6 times a week. No, it wasn’t overboard. I honestly enjoy lifting weights, cycling, kayaking, walking and hiking. Spinning is usually just a means to an end when the weather is too crap to do much else.

Here’s the cool thing about lifting and diabetes. Where cardio will lower your blood sugar today, lifting weights actually helps lower and maintain your blood sugar over time.

It took about 6 weeks (2 months) of no heavy lifting to totally lose any benefits of lifting to the amount of basal insulin I have to use. No amount of body weight exercise or cardio (walking/cycling) during the pandemic really helped. I really need that heavy resistance!

Starting Regular Lifting Again

I’m finally ready to start getting back at it. Unfortunately, due to an arm injury having to do with my Free Style Libre (will tell that story another day), my left arm is pretty weak. Before I can push or pull any amount of weight for upper body I need to get my arm in check.

This means starting with 1kg weights and doing upright rows, fly, side arm raises, front arm raises, shoulder presses and lots of other things to “tire” my left arm out. I know my right arm won’t even blink but this is actually how you fix one weak side. You let it lead.

For lower body, it’ll be the usual. Squats, dead lifts, leg press, lunges, stair climbing. I generally have about 30-40 minutes to get it done if I do it in the morning when I’m the most insulin resistant.

Week 1 Basal and TDD

So we’ll call today “week 1” and I’ll recap every Monday night.

For my week 1 basal I’m currently at 26u a day and my TDD is:

  • 1 day: 78u
  • 7 days: 95u
  • 14 days: 83.4u
  • 30 days: 81.7u

I really haven’t been eating the best lately. A lot of carbs during the week.

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