QOW: Is it ok for diabetics to drink?

Today I’m putting the question, “can diabetics drink?” into the search bar of google to see what the search suggestions are. Lets see what kind of fun we can have with that. First up…

Can Diabetics drink whiskey?

Um, yes. Yes we can. If we couldn’t then I’m pretty sure I’d be dead. I’ll do an entire piece on drinking alcohol while diabetic but the gist of it is pure spirits (whiskey, vodka, tequila and some rums) are great for diabetics since the sugar from the mash bill is actually taken out of the resulting spirit after distilling. So you don’t have carb influence on your blood sugar. You do, however, have to watch out to make sure you don’t go too low since spirits will lower your blood glucose.

Can diabetics drink coke zero?

Yes. However, like everything (including whiskey), your mileage might vary from mine. Some people DO get blood glucose reactions from some artificial sweeteners. Some people experience increased appetite. Some of us can drink it like water and really probably should cut back…

What can diabetics drink besides water?

Whiskey, whiskey and more whiskey? Ok, in all seriousness we can probably drink anything that’s sugar free. And of course if we’re having a hypo, we can drink full sugared sodas or fruit juice but only a little bit every 15 minutes in order to avoid over correction. End of the day, you’ve got to just try drinking it and wait to see what your meter says.

Can diabetics drink Beer?

Some do. Not that I drank tons of beer pre-diagnosis, but I’ve pretty much stopped drinking it. I did have 1 beer during a festival last month but only because we were going to do a lot of walking after the meal so I knew that the exercise would quash the rise in blood glucose.

A bucket full of Mexican Beer in Cologne, Germany with an American, Dutchie and Finn

Here’s the thing about beer, or a sugary cocktail. The carbs will raise your blood glucose and the alcohol will bring it down. So if you’re on insulin, you need to be careful if you’re planning on bolusing for the carbs (I’ve heard people having success with counting half of the carbs instead of the full amount, but I haven’t tried it myself yet). If you’re not on insulin, you need to be aware you’ll probably see a rise in blood sugar but it’ll depend on your body if its delayed or not (mine is usually delayed, after my liver takes care of the alcohol).

Can diabetics drink vodka?

See the answer for whiskey above. But, yes. Yes we can.

Best Alcoholic drinks for Diabetics T1?

Well, honestly, this list goes for any type of diabetic and is my opinion only. But.. drink responsibly, m’kay?

  • whiskey, vodka, tequila and rums with no sugar added back neat or on the rocks
  • sugar free old fashioned (spirit, sugar free simple syrup, bitters, and ice)
  • whiskey, vodka, or rum with diet soda
  • whiskey, vodka, or rum with sparkling water (or diet club soda)
  • mojito with diet club soda
  • sugar free whiskey sour
  • bloody mary (some carbs from the tomato juice but negligible)

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