I Got my Insulin Pump!

Exactly one week ago (30 July 2019) I received my shiny new insulin pump! I had thought about doing an unboxing video but to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered. I figured I’d just do a post once I got a hang of the pump and of course I’ve posted numerous pictures on my Instagram account the past week.

But now, a week later, I’m ready (and have time) to write about it!

The Kaleido is my Insulin Pump of Choice

When I was first approved for insulin pump therapy, I had talked about choosing the Kaleido. This is one out of only a handful that is approved and on the market here in the Netherlands. Really, the pickings are slim as you can see on pompnet.nl.

At the end of the day, out of the few options I had it was down to the Omnipod and Kaleido because both are “pod pumps” and the controllers are wireless and blue tooth. The Omnipod is 100% tubeless, the infusion set is part of the pump package. However, the Kaleido still has tubing but you can choose between 5cm (2 inches) and 30cm (almost 12 inches). This way you can choose if you want to stick the pump on your body with the provided sticky tape or you can put it in your bra, waist pack or pocket.

I did get to see the Kaleido before I made my choice and it’s tiny where an Omnipod covers my entire palm of my hand.

Black Kaleido Pump
The actual insulin pump.
It’s a PDM, not iPod Nano 7

The other thing that really made me decide on the Kaleido over the Omipod is once the Omnipod comes off, you have to put on an entirely new pod. For the Kaliedo, this is only true if the infusion set comes out. You can still change the pump if the battery is getting low, need to change insulin cartridges, or just change the stickers that stick it to your body if they come loose (and they do).

Oh, and while I’m not saying that the Omnipod people aren’t nice, the folks at Kaliedo are just awesome. They really love and believe in their product and even found me an english speaking trainer to get me started!

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