Prague Airport with a Pump

Back in September I flew from Amsterdam Airport to Prague, the first time with my pump. Of course I had to fly back, so that meant going through security at the Prague airport for the first time with my pump.

Prague doesn’t have body scanners but arrive early

So unlike other much bigger airports, Prague doesn’t currently have body scanners as of this post. You’ll go through the old fashioned security scanner, which has been declared OK for CGMs and pumps.

It looks like in these types of scanners, if you’re wearing a Freestyle Libre it’s probably going to set it off and you’re going to get one of those lovely pat downs regardless. If you’re only wearing a pump, you can of course take it off and hand it to security to hand check so you can just walk right through without it potentially going off.

The pat down was pretty quick, the lady had me rub my Freestyle and pump for the hand swab and then I got to move on.

Hand Check of Medical Equipment

I did still have an extra Freestyle Libre with me in an unsealed box, so I handed it over for a hand check vs. sending it through the luggage scanner with the rest of my luggage.

Annoyingly they made me open it up so they could swab it. Luckily I had some extra KT Tape with me so I could tape the box closed and keep the foil from getting pierced.

Conclusion about prague airport

Compared to Schiphol, Heathrow or many of the other big airports in the world, Prague is pretty small and pretty simple. As long as you have your stuff together, getting through security is pretty quick and painless. My tips would be:

  • Arrive early just in case the pat down is more in depth
  • Prepare to have to open any sealed boxes of medical equipment

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